Pigment Mousse

Pigment Mousse


These are our decadent range of pigments designed for Resin Art.


Rich in colour, these pigments are unlike anything on the market!


These pigments are not epoxy based, have a very low odour and mix effortlessly in resin with its ‘Mousse- Like’ consistency.


These light and fluffy pigments go a long way, as they are highly concentrated, so you only need to use a small amount.


Mix with other colours to create different colours or effects. Some colours in this range of mousse pigments are LIMITED EDITION, once sold they will no longer be available.


Don’t miss your chance to try these beautiful pigments!


As delicious as they look and sound, they are NOT edible.


We always recommend taking appropriate safety precautions, so please wear a mask if necessary and gloves when using these products.


Give each jar a quick stir before using for best results. 


Jars are 50g by weight.


MADE IN AUSTRALIA and conforms to ASTM-D4236 standards.