Art Boards/Blanks

Art Boards/Blanks


We have a selection of art boards/blanks for sale.

We are located in Hervey Bay and can be picked up locally or we can post. 


Small cheeseboard - 240mm x 145mm $5 (Camphor Laurel)

Square cheeseboard - 260mm x 180mm $10 (Camphor Laurel)

Large cheeseboard - 340mm x 165mm - $15 (Camphor Laurel)

Rectangle cheeseboard - 335mm x 165mm $15 (Camphor Laurel)

Charcuterie - 460mm x 165mm - $15 (Camphor Laurel)

Pizza - 430mm x 290mm - $20 (Camphor Laurel)

Paddle - 500mm x 200mm - $20 (Camphor Laurel or pine)


All are templated, routered and lightly sanded but will require further sanding before adding artwork or finishing.


Postage included but if requiring bulk amounts please contact directly for postage.